Supplier and Portfolio Intelligence



Supplier and Portfolio Intelligence

Portfolio health check, supply chain integrity check.

The 2008 global financial crisis, along with current market fears, have put significant financial pressures and strains on both international supply chains and private equity investment portfolios. Key suppliers or companies within an investment portfolio often seek to conceal financial stresses for fear of losing business. The result is that investors and corporates often only find out about problems once it is too late, resulting in delays and financial losses.

R2G’s Supplier and Portfolio Intelligence service is a highly innovative health checking system that enables clients worried about the financial and business performance of supplier companies and portfolio investments to gain a detailed and discreet assessment, providing a key strategic tool to help mitigate and manage business and investment issues before they become major financial problems.

R2G utilizes its extensive network of in-country associates and human intelligence sources to provide informed commentary on target companies. Specific to the Supplier and Portfolio Intelligence service, R2G focused its enquiries through identifying and speaking to sources specifically able to comment on the target firm’s financial and business performance: suppliers and customers of the company, the local banking community, current and former workers, and other relevant sources.