Political Risk/Intelligence



Political Risk/Intelligence

Political/security risk assessments, 
country analysis, and country intelligence.

Emerging Markets pose significant political, as well as business, risks. Conflict, corruption, and political uncertainty can significantly impact investment decisions, compounding the investment risks and adding substantial complexity to a transaction.

R2G professionals have many decades experience providing commentary, advice and analysis on Emerging Market political issues. They have advised governments, presidents and senior corporate and financial investors on both macro topics and also subtle political issues – helping divine opportunity through navigating potentially high-risk political situations.

R2G’s key source of differentiation in providing political risk advisory is its focus on political intelligence – leveraging its extensive network of in-country associates and human intelligence sources to enrich the political advisory process with real time, non-public information. This focus on intelligence can help an investor to know not just the macro political situation at a country level, but also to drill down to look at micro political and security issues not reported in the public domain – such as the individual views of a local governor in a particular province of interest, or the outcomes of an important legislative meeting. This knowledge, along with consultative advice from R2G on its best tactical utilisation, can significantly improve an investor’s ability to gain non-market strategic advantage and enhance their business activity.