Competitor Analysis



Competitor Analysis

Competitor intelligence, mapping,
and assessment.

Understanding the strengths, vulnerabilities and strategies of competitors or hostile partners in the market can provide significant business advantage, whether as part of a new market entry, an on-going source of business competition, or during a major financial transaction such as hostile M&A.

R2G utilises its broad intelligence gathering capabilities across a multitude of industries and Emerging Markets, combined with detailed multilingual desk based research and analysis, to map the activities of competitors.

This Competitor Analysis can identify core sources of competitive advantage in a rival firm, and the key strategic resources it utilises to maintain its advantage, along with the capabilities it deploys to enhance productivity and profitability. It can also analyse the business practises of a competitor that may constitute unfair advantage – such as political involvement, cartel behaviour and fraud.

Competitor Analysis can be of significant importance during major financial transactions such as M&A and joint ventures, where early mapping of competitor activities, political involvement and key business relationships can have a significant impact on the strategy deployed and the ultimate success of the transac