Reputational Due Diligence



Reputational Due Diligence

Red Flags can often be an early indicator of more substantial risks, and when identified, they often need additional investigation to be fully understood and thus mitigated.

R2G’s Reputational Due Diligence provides clients insight into a company or person’s reputation and track record. It focuses on negative issues but develops more detailed information to provide comfort in meeting either regulatory or investment stage-gate “go/no-go” requirements.

Reputational Due Diligence allows R2G’s analysts to develop for the client a greater understanding of the negative reputational issues reported in the public domain through conducting international and local language media searches, as well as checks of local public registries for available corporate, legal and solvency information. This research can be supplemented with targeted source enquiries that utilise R2G’s extensive human intelligence network of Emerging Market focused in-country sources.