Investigative Due Diligence



Investigative Due Diligence

As capital employed in a financial transaction goes up, so too do the risks. This is particularly the case in Emerging Market economies, where major financial transactions such as JVs, M&A, Venture Capital, Private Equity and IPOs can see their associated risks rise exponentially.

R2G is an expert at navigating Emerging Market risks, enabling financial and corporate investors to maximise their opportunities and leverage all non-market business strategies.

Investigative Due Diligence combines R2G’s detailed analyst research of all available open source information, including local language searches, with comprehensive source enquiries that fully leverage the Firm’s industry leading network of in country associates and human intelligence sources. This provides a comprehensive risk assessment of the subject that can include looking at its undisclosed business activities, nominee ownership, overstated assets or capabilities, potential legal liabilities, workforce relations, and other significant managerial or business issues that may pose a reputational or financial risk. Additionally, political connections and business networks are examined in detail to ensure no unwanted relationships exist – a common risk in Emerging Markets - along with other market, economic and regulatory issues.