Distressed Due Diligence



Distressed Due Diligence

For many private equity and corporate investors, the depressed economic times of recent years have been a source of great opportunity, as they seek to buy either equity in underperforming companies, or debt trading at distressed rates.

This special form of financial investment requires a special form of Due Diligence. R2G’s Distressed Due Diligence is a highly innovative market-first product that seeks to customise the due diligence process specifically to the needs of those making distressed investments.

R2G’s Distressed Due Diligence ties together the Firm’s multilingual analyst research with its expansive human source network, but deploys it to focus on risks most relevant to distressed investors. Aside from general reputation, political connections and track record questions, Distressed Due Diligence looks at specific issues such as the appetite of the target company ownership to restructure the business, who the real decision makers are, the reputation of the company among the local finance community, and the extent to which the company’s poor performance is related to market conditions or systemic factors within the company itself.