Computer forensics



Computer forensics

Conduct imaging and analysis of suspect 
fraud computers.

The digital age of the last 10 years has seen a dramatic shift away from paper documentation towards an increasing reliance on computers and related electronic devices. This shift, while enhancing the efficiency and productivity of organizations, has posed significant new challenges regarding the security of intellectual property and the management of company data.

R2G, through its associates, has access to industry-leading state of the art computer forensic techniques and capabilities. These are always conducted in strict adherence to the law and can include:

Data Recovery

When a computer crashes or is damaged and data is lost, R2G can conduct an analysis of the hard drive and recover deleted or corrupted files.

Computer Forensics

During an internal fraud investigation, R2G can conduct a forensic analysis of the alleged perpetrator’s office computer and equipment, securing and maintaining the integrity of this electronic device’s evidence.

Forensic investigations can identify and retrieve files that the subject may have sought to destroy, analyze the subject’s email traffic to identify incriminating emails or attachments, and identify company files that may have been transferred to third party devices such as USB drives or external hard drives.