Asset recovery



Asset recovery

Identification and recovery of hidden assets

The recovery and retrieval of hidden assets, whether financial, property or other, can be a critical task for organisations or entities of any kind – be they individuals seeking to enforce legal judgements on financial damages, businesses looking to recover stolen financial resources, or international multilateral organisations seeking the return of monies embezzled by corrupt government officials or regimes.

R2G is able to conduct detailed investigations of a subject’s assets – be they tangible or intangible, onshore or offshore. R2G differentiates itself through its ability to operate in Emerging Market jurisdictions, uncovering undisclosed local assets and multi-layered business interests and property holdings through a detailed multilingual analysis of public documents and the utilisation of targeted human intelligence sources.

R2G professionals have significant experience undertaking large scale asset investigations, and have previously looked into various high profile figures such as former presidents in both East Africa and South-east Asia, as well as numerous multijurisdictional businesses and private individuals.