Market Entry Support



Market Entry Support

Market entry strategy development and
implementation, macro economic analysis
and local market assessment.

Entering new and unfamiliar overseas markets can pose significant challenges to managers. Choosing the correct market, applying a suitable business strategy, and understanding local competitive forces can all have a material impact on the success of a new venture. Additionally, non-market forces such as political factors and business relationships can be a particular challenge in Emerging Markets.

R2G professionals have significant experience supporting investors operating in new markets. Leveraging both our extensive market knowledge and our network of in-country associates and human sources, R2G can work with clients to focus on developing the information they need for business success, rather than what is “nice to know”.

R2G can conduct market surveys to determine appropriate geographies for sales, map the behaviour and profile of competitors and their management to understand competitive forces, analyse comparable products and services to determine price points, production methods and distribution options, develop both a macro and micro economic assessment of the market, and advise on various entry methods and strategies to ensure the best chance of business success while mitigating possible risks.

In addition to understanding these market factors, R2G can also analyse various non-market influences such as political and societal considerations and the strength of various business relationships.