Local Partnerships & Business Opportunity Identification



Local Partnerships & Business Opportunity Identification

Identification of potential business partners,
investment opportunities and/or take over targets.

Choosing the correct local partner is always a key determinant of success when operating in a new market. Business partners need to have the correct mix of skillset and business aptitude, often combined with robust political and business relationships. However the opacity of Emerging Markets can often conceal major reputational issues in potential partners – such as poor business track records, issues of corruption or unwanted political interference, and other business or regulatory concerns.

Leveraging the Firm’s extensive local market knowledge and on-ground human source network, R2G can work with managers to both identify potential partners and then vet those that have been selected to ensure their suitability.

In addition to identifying local partners, R2G can leverage its network to identify potential sources of business opportunity for clients. This may range from being tasked to source specific items such as available or distressed real estate in Emerging Markets, to more general opportunities such as upcoming marginal oil concessions.