Commercial Due Diligence



Commercial Due Diligence

Human intelligence driven business plan
review, valuation assumptions verification,
and market analysis

During major financial transactions, such as M&A and private equity, thoroughly understanding the current and projected performance of a target company, and the market in which it operates, is essential to determining both valuation models and the viability of a proposed strategy. Key to this is assessing the viability of the target company’s business plan, its projected growth and sales figures, and its assessment of its ability to compete in the market.

R2G is able to provide independent analysis of the business plan of a target company, in particular focusing on statements and claims made by the company about its ability to operate in a particular market.

R2G differentiates itself through utilizing an integrated approach that combines both standard commercial due diligence with human intelligence and a deep market knowledge to better question sales assumptions, market predictions, threats, and stated income streams, while also identifying various undisclosed liabilities and other reputational and political factors that may impact the transaction.